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Both as individuals and industry experts, we all have a certain amount of effect in nature. We try to reduce our impact by adopting more environmentally friendly habits on an individual basis. But for large companies with high production capacity like us, carbon emissions stand out as an issue that needs to be addressed with a strategic approach.


According to our sustainability strategy, we continuously take steps to reduce our environmental impact in every area from the supply chain to the production line, from storage to in-office applications. We also started a brand new project in order to compensate for the damage done to nature as much as we can. From now on, every order you place to Baran Packaging will make the world a greener place.


Every step we take together leaves less carbon footprint


We created an algorithm for our new project in order to calculate the carbon emissions during the logistics and transportation stages of every order we receive. With these calculations, we obtain a metric value with parameters that vary depending on the amount of product along with carbon emissions during air, land or sea transportation. After comparing this value with the amount of carbon dioxide a red pine tree absorbs from the atmosphere, we plant an equivalent number of trees to balance our environmental impact.


As a result of our calculations, we started by planting 17.000 trees in return for the orders we have received since 2020. We hope to see that our endeavors turn into giant forests some day.


Starting today, you will see the size of your carbon footprint due to logistics and transportation in our budget proposals, and you will contribute to the fight against climate change with every order you place.


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