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Today is the beginning of a better future


Established by Europe's leading kraft paper and paper bag manufacturers, “The Paper Bag” platform celebrates European Paper Bag Day for the fourth time on October 18 this year. The organization offers a more efficient and sustainable alternative to plastic bags and aims to popularize the habit of using paper bags, while trying to raise awareness on reuse and recycling issues. Social media campaigns to reduce the environmental burden of single use plastic packaging will continue throughout October with the hashtags #EuropeanPaperBagDay and #PaperBagDay.


As one of Turkey's highest-capacity paper bag manufacturers and Europe's leading exporters, we have been a dedicated supporter of #PaperBagDay since day one. In addition to the environmentally friendly approaches we adopt in our paper bag production and in-office applications, we contribute to a sustainable future with our awareness activities.


Sustainability in production and consumption

We are happy to see that, with the increasing consumer demand, many industries are opting for more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives and we keep improving our product range according to this need. In addition to working with globally known and reliable suppliers, we use FSC certified papers obtained from sustainable industrial forests and nature-friendly raw materials.


We believe that individual practices are of great importance along with our corporate sustainability policy. For this purpose, we strive to integrate paper bags into daily life by designing products for different needs in line with the demands. We fulfill our responsibility to reduce environmental pollution and slow down climate change with our paper bag products and industrial paper packaging. Thanks to the raw material and print quality, they are suitable for repeated use and after completing their life cycle, they don’t stand as a burden to nature.,


As of today, we’d like to encourage you to reduce plastic use and prioritize paper bags, and reuse them several times before recycling.


Use, reuse, recycle!

The Paper Bag platform published a new video this year explaining the life cycle of paper bags. The video explains where the cellulose fibers used in the production of paper bags come from and how they return to nature. But paper bags are a highly efficient alternative not just because they're recyclable, but because they allow reusing several times. You can watch how many times and for what purposes you can reuse a single paper bag in the four part video series. In this series you will learn that;


-       A single paper bag can be used 4 times on average,

-       It can safely carry content up to 10 kilograms,

-       It is resistant to moisture and goods with sharp edges,

-       You can recycle a paper bag and put it to good use after you’re done with it,

-       Paper bags are highly efficient and sustainable as they are 100% biodegradable.